Freshly graduated from my Master’s program, with a project focused on de-escalation techniques, I decided to bring to light a sensitive subject among nurses.  Before deciding which way that I was going to go with Nurses Against Violence Unite, Inc, NAVUnite for short, the one thing that came up was staffing shortages.  But WHY were the floors always short?!  Growing up in the nursing field since a kid, 16 years old, I have seen many issues with violence against nursing staff.  It wasn’t until I became a nursing instructor is when the dots were connecting.  Between lateral and patient on nurse violence, who would want to come to work and deal with that every day?  Unless you enjoy the constant negativity, I would have to say this was a direct correlation of why the turnover and injuries are high and job satisfaction scores are so low.  My fellow advocate groups shooting for more staffing are marvelous and respect their cause as it indirectly relates to mine.  Partnered with a couple of my closest friends that are connected but respect my vision, have supported me through this venture and grateful to them for believing in me.  To be honest, I am sure they thought by now I would have given up on this cause but there is no way.

My vision for Nurses Against Violence Unite, Inc, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) is to create an education plan, as it is coming along nicely, to fill the gap of acute mental health and addiction that is a missing piece in the nursing curriculum.  There is also roughly 25 hours of mental health training in the nursing frameworks that equates to minimal chronic mental health training and awareness.  With the opioid epidemic combined with other substances, nurses are learning from an ancient curriculum.  It needs to be modern and reflects the current trends in healthcare.  October 2, 2017 was our first free event and plan to continue to them as education is number one along with therapeutic interventions for nursing staff that are on the front line in healthcare.

The events will continue to be free and donations will start to be accepted.  With donated funds, we will continue the events, build scholarships for nursing students, build a community online and in-person to help nurses be heard without retaliation or bullying, and resources for nurses to receive free to discounted private therapeutic services that are separate from their employer.  Nursing is about caring about others and have been in the field for over 27 years, yes dating myself, we are a family that argues and can still love each other equally, as this is what we do.  A team of professionals that have your back and laugh with often because we are a silly and resilient profession that need to stick together to make the change we need in nursing.

If you hate what is happening in nursing, help us change it!

Dr. Sandra Risoldi

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