We have been labeled “Frontline Heros” and fighting our WW3 without protection or appropriate healing weapons. The rise of COVID has brought additional exposure to risks, deaths, and have added heightened stress to our jobs. Burnout and PTSD are at epidemic levels and nurses have committed suicide.

We are the largest support group for frontline healthcare workers and labeled the most trusted and respected profession for many years and counting.

Frontline healthcare workers have been sworn to organizational secrecy to not divulge the inadequacies that they negligently failed to prepare for a pandemic. Laws created clearly pointed to healthcare organizations that were supposed to be ready as outlined in government public records.

Profits over patient and healthcare worker lives.

We are looking for dedicated leaders that are ready to stand up and fight the good fight, and to show our government officials there is strength in our numbers to end workplace violence and reveal a broken healthcare system that has failed its commitment to communities and healthcare workers.

Our profession needs us, we are losing too many nurses and dedicated frontline healthcare workers that risk their lives every day to fight the invisible enemy.

Please contact Dr. Sandy, Mary, Kristi, or Nick in the Nurses Against Violence Unite Support Group.

Thank You & Please be Safe!

The NAVUnite Team

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