I barely ever watch the news or partake in the brutality of politics, ever. It is with great sadness that we have a system that is so deeply divided at the foundational level that it favors one race over another, throws its elderly away, withholding medical supplies from healthcare workers, penalizing those with advocating for the weak or who are afraid to speak up for themselves…it is absolutely demoralizing and sad.

Armed masked and shielded men and women engage Black Lives Matter protestors often peaceful often end in massive injuries and video documentation. On the other hand……yesterday……..the guards were not engaging the predominately Caucasian supporters of our current leader of the USA rushing the Capital, allowed to break in the front door! They were teargassed but did not come close to what protestors faced with standing up peacefully in the streets showing their sadness of losing Breonna Taylor, soon-to-be nursing student and a fantastic EMT cut short, along with many goal driven, passionate, and bright individuals due to the color of their skin. Were all protests peaceful? Probably not, but people are allowed to protest or speak their mind about what is right and what is wrong and have the same privilege to not be killed, injured, or silenced because of it.

What is wrong is the implicit bias and ego that is out there eating it’s way through society. Some blatant, others it is not, they just smile and pretend to be kind while ruining someone’s livelihood. This is our society and what happened yesterday, and all of the time, is the incidence of incivility, conditioning and a leader feeding off of the minds of innocent people that are in pain. Watching, pouncing on the prey, and feeding off of the worry, sadness, fear, hopeless, depressed, and when they are done, they move on to the next victim. Sociopathy, borderline personality, and narcissism in a mixing bowl with the hot mess turmoil of the current COVID life, the issues our country has faced cannot continue.

The manipulation of those in politics and on tv is massive, there is no innocent side….but what happened today, it speaks volumes to the amount of great lengths those in power will and can play on an over stretched, beyond stressed America. A prime example of #COVIDTrauma, racial injustice, and domestic abuse streamlined throughout society to desensitize and make us believe what is not real that is masked on a daily basis. Let’s not forget the feeling that you, my healthcare family felt when you were given the filthy mask from someone else to use, our colleagues that have been physically, verbally, and blacklisted for standing up to say something is not okay. The nurses that worked with regular med/surg patients and were forced to take an in-service to learn to care and manage artificial airways and critically ill patients, like ICU nurses that generally have 2 patients, these nurses had 11 patients each.

My colleagues are tired, abused, and forced to be at work while recovering from illnesses, as this has been a demand placed upon them from healthcare organizations. Suffering from “COVID Trauma,” working through isolation, massive loss of patients, sleep deprivation, and sadness, nurses and frontline healthcare workers are leaving the bedside in groves. This alone has thrown healthcare facilities into a panic, extremely unsafe patient ratios, and the incivility in full bloom. The memo was lost about mandatory reporting workplace violence, injuries, and retaliation. Shame on our leaders to allow this poor example of leadership on every level, as they sat back and allowed this to happen….and most of all, shame on those that left my healthcare family behind.

I challenge you to notice what is around you, to really look and observe what is going on, not what the tv is programming you to believe. Go make friends that empower you, that uplift and tell you to stand up. We have to stop being the victim. As the leaders of healthcare, we have to do the uncomfortable and step outside of the conditioning box…otherwise known as complacency and learned helplessness from feeling powerless.

We are allowed to be upset, shocked and even angry, but to how extreme do we have to go to repeat the hate of others? Rise above as a society, change the system. Go back to school, join a movement in your community, and along the way, try to stay centered. Remember those that look up to you, play a card game with your kids, sing, laugh, distract yourself from the evil out there. Your actions are their future.

This is a call to action of change, solidarity, and ending the violence in our society. It is our time to be better, be friend, listen, and open your eyes! Stop the hate!! We are better than the violence, reciprocating the verbal or physical violence just continues more bad behavior, destroys relationships, and instills sadness and fear. Stay vigilant, guard your mind, Love yourself, Love one another and please be Safe.

Dr. Sandra Risoldi DNP, MSN Ed., RN, CLNC

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