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Nurses Against Violence Unite, Inc.® is an established nonprofit that has been a staple support for Nurses and all healthcare workers since October 9, 2017.  We started out as a grassroots organization and have grown to be in over 50 countries around the world, not to mention have worked with media outlets including but not limited to The Doctors on CBS, The KC Ingram Radio Show and several other radio shows, podcasts, and featured news stories. It is our passion to bring awareness to the abuses in healthcare, educate healthcare workers and the public, empower my profession and ultimately eliminate violence in healthcare.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed nurses being yelled at, hit, spit on, and have even been attacked for no reason.  Over the past 10 years, it has grown to be a common issue no matter where I have worked or the state I have lived in.  Whenever there would be a mean patient or unruly patient, I would volunteer to take them.  After a while, that was my assignment and received first-hand experience of the varying behaviors and how to approach, teach, and enjoy understanding the complexities of the mind.  Approaching the staffing shortage from another viewpoint, it is my passion to protect every nurse through awareness out to the community, camaraderie, and education.

The time is now to #EndHealthcareViolence

Dr. Sandra Risoldi MSN Ed., DNP, RN, CLNC