A Shot for Change.

Welcome to the Legal Nurse Corner &

Risoldi Enhanced Anonymous Reporting System® (R.E.A.R.S.)

We aim to report issues that you are going through and help you to find resolution without divulging your identity unless it is absolutely dire with your permission. Your safety is Our Main Priority with Nurses Against Violence Unite, Inc.® and We Love Our Profession!

The reporting system is not complete until we can all work together to get the issues reported. These reports should not take away from your employer reporting system but if a duplicate report is made with us in the loop, we WILL follow-through and assist you with resolution.

This system is not complete but working very hard on this level of change. We are not lawyers, we are Forensic/Legal Nurses that are willing to help you to the Best of Our Ability.

R.E.A.R.S. is a membership program designed to help us fund the time needed to report and follow through with your incident.

Note: We are not a legal service but we will assist you with reporting issues to accrediting bodies, and help your attorney build your case for a membership discounted rate while not giving you substandard service.

Step 2: Gather Your details

Let us help you gather the information to build your case. With our experience and knowledge of how healthcare and nursing works, our expertise is your advantage. Little details are huge, working with nurses that have the backing sits you in the right position and leverage to assist in the success of your case.

Step 3: Let Us help you to be heard

There is nothing better than to feel and be supported. When you decide to work with us, you will experience how it feels to be finally heard. You have worked very hard on your education and in your career saving lives, let us work hard to help you with resolution.

The key to a fulfilled life is not one of money but the satisfaction of doing what is right.”

Dr. Sandra Risoldi

Let’s talk about what we can do for you.